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Owning a Motorcycle and Living in Downtown San Diego

As an avid biker of the motorized type (Harley Davidson) and one who sells real estate, primarily in downtown San Diego, I was curious about which condo buildings have designated motorcycle parking for their residents. I must say … I was surprised.

The vast majority of condo buildings do not have designated parking for their motorcyclist/residents and even one – Bayside – will not allow residents to even park a bike in front of their car.

That said, here is a short list of condos (out of 26 contacted so far) with designated motorcycle parking along with pertinent detail:




41 West                                    Only a couple of spots                      First come, first serve basis

Acqua Vista                             Number unknown                            $25 per month

Alicante                                    Approx. 5 spots                                 First come, first serve basis

Electra                                      Approx. 6 spots                                 First come, first serve basis

Sapphire                                  Approx. 6 spots                                 First come, first serve basis

Grande North                        Number unknown                            $50 per month

Treo                                         Approx. 30 spots (Yippee!)              Register for sticker, no fee

Pacific Gate                            Approx. 6 spots                                 Possible fee, TBD


This has been a bit like being a detective … The phone tag, the sniffing out of details… and many of the buildings’ HOAs I’ve reached out to have yet to return my call, so stay tuned for a follow-up article.

Better yet, if you own a motorcycle and have thought about buying a condo in downtown San Diego, call me. (619-876-0247) Not only will I have a strong interest in finding you the right place to live and park that two-wheeled wonder, heck, you may have found another riding partner!

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