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Tiger!Tiger!…I love this tavern in North Park, San Diego

Perhaps I was late to the party, as evidenced by the friendly crowd (and I do mean crowd) at Tiger! Tiger! a super cool hangout in one of San Diego’s most popular communities – North Park.  As I entered last night, the first thing I noticed was the atmosphere.  Not stuffy or pretentious, the place was warm and inviting and the people were happily eating, drinking and chatting away.  I also noticed the age range from young to old and all ethnicities were represented.  Clearly this was a place welcoming to all.

Bonus 1:  Not only do they have one heck of a craft beer selection (including some interesting wines) they serve up delectable sandwiches and sides.

Bonus 2: Take heart ye committed vegans … they have quite the selection for you, too!

That’s one classy cat!

Bonus 3: Thursday evenings from 8pm to about 10pm they offer free stand-up comedy in the back.  If you are not there early it is literally standing room only, but so worth it.  The talented comics who take the stage are dedicated and amazing.  I laughed so hard my cheeks hurt.   How do they pay for this terrific entertainment?  In two ways, from my angle:  1) Lots of beer and food sales.  People who are laughing and enjoying themselves stay longer and order more.  2) They pass the tip bucket at the end of the show, strategically positioned at the door where all must pass in order to re-enter the front of the tavern and exit.  Very smart.

Want to know more?  I cut this little ditty straight from their website (

Tiger!Tiger! was opened in 2011 by the owners of Blind Lady Ale House. We have been long time fans of Live Wire (San Diego’s original craft beer and indie rock bar) and were excited to find a space on El Cajon Boulevard to call our second home. Our space has had many many different owners over the years. In the 40s it was a saddle shop and later served dual purpose as a fashion store and salon. Since taking over our goal has been to create a warm and inviting space to hang out in while enjoying great indie beer and delicious food. We don’t use SYSCO or USFoods and we don’t have an ABIn-Bev account. Never have, never will. We make our own sausages and charcuterie, smoke meat, cook wood-fired sandwiches and only serve the best indie beers we can find. We source locally and seasonally allowing us have a solid selection of vegetarian and vegan options – which makes sense beings 2 of our owners have been vegan for well over 20 years.

The downside (if there is one) is parking … or lack thereof.  If you are not lucky enough to live in the area, I strongly suggest you take a cab or ride-share and save yourself the stress of finding parking or the risk of a towed vehicle parked in the wrong place.

Want to know more about this or all things San Diego?  Contact me!

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