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Considering Selling Your San Diego Home? Selling your home can be complex. Let our experienced team help you navigate the process.

Thank you for considering Dannecker & Associates to help you sell your San Diego home. We have been designated as a top 20 team by Real Producers and Wall Street Journal since 2015.  With over 21,000 agents in San Diego County, working with one of the top agents in the county makes all the difference.  Simply stated, who you work with matters!

Please tell us a bit about you and your home in the contact form.  We will be in touch right away to discuss how we can best help you get your home SOLD.

Why work with Dannecker & Associates?

Experience: Over 125 years of combined experience and expertise between 9 team members who are working for you with a great customer service attitude.

Exposure: Your home will have maximum exposure with our customer Marketing Plan, which consists of the highest caliber designers and marketing strategists that will use social media, blog posts, videos, TV, podcasts, magazines and brochures to engage buyers.

Communication: This is a very crucial component of selling your home. With Dannecker & Associates you are informed every step of the way through our email updates, text messaging and consistent phone check-ins.

Service: We are committed to providing the best quality service from property preparation to listing through the close of escrow and beyond. Our goal is to improve your life by ensuring the very best experience through your home selling journey.

14  Step Market Launch

Step 1 – Professional Photography 

We will have one of our professional photographers of over 10 years come take beautiful images of your home.  Your photography session will be scheduled taking into account the weather and best time of day to shoot your home. We will make the photography process as simple as possible for you and you need not even be there.

Professional photography is crucial when selling a luxury home as it can greatly impact the perception of the property to potential buyers. High-quality images showcase the unique features and finishes of the home, and can help to create an emotional connection with the viewer. Additionally, professional photography can effectively highlight the property’s layout, natural light and views, allowing potential buyers to envision themselves living in the home. Using a professional photographer also makes sure that the photos are taken in the most visually pleasing way to attract potential buyers. They can utilize various techniques such as lighting, angles and lenses to capture the best features of the property and to make it stand out. Ultimately, investing in professional photography can help to generate more interest in the property and can lead to a faster and more profitable sale.

Step 2 –  Floor Plan or 3D Tour 

Many buyers of luxury properties in coastal San Diego come from out of the area.  A 3D virtual tour and floor plan can be incredibly helpful in attracting these buyers.  These tools provide a comprehensive and immersive way for potential buyers to explore a property remotely, giving them a sense of the layout and flow of the home even if they are unable to physically view the property in person. Additionally, a 3D virtual tour and floor plan allow buyers to get a sense of the property’s features and finishes, providing them with a detailed understanding of the property’s layout, lighting, and views.

Out-of-area buyers, in particular, can benefit greatly from these tools, as they may not have the opportunity to visit the property in person and instead rely on virtual tours to make a decision. Additionally, a floor plan allows buyers to visualize how the property fits their needs and lifestyle, and plan out their furniture or renovation ideas. This helps them to get a better understanding of what life in that property would be like, and can help them feel more confident in making a decision to purchase the home. Overall, a 3D virtual tour and floorplan can provide a valuable service to both out-of-area buyers and sellers by allowing potential buyers to fully experience the property remotely, which in turn can increase the chances of a successful sale.

These tours are often the first step to get out of area buyers to commit to making travel plans to San Diego to view homes.

Step 3 – Coming Soon Campaign 

The “Coming Soon” campaign is a proprietary technology Compass created to notify all agents within the brokerage that your property will soon be on the market.  Compass is the #1 brokerage in San Diego County in both the number of sales and the total sales volume. Compass represents more luxury home sales than any other brokerage and we share our listings with the SF, LA & OC Compass agents.  Our connection to other luxury agents in the Compass network helps us attract more buyers to properties before being listed on the MLS. Oftentimes, we are able to secure full price or even over list price sales before going to market which creates a much more convenient selling experience for our clients.

Step 4 – Property Signage 

Our oversized Compass Luxury signs are eye-catching yet elegant.  They will easily get the attention of passers by, yet they won’t distract from the beauty of your home.

We understand that missed calls can lead to missed opportunities, which is why we have implemented a system that ensures that every call received is answered by a live person. We have a dedicated team at Compass HQ who are ready to assist and provide information about the property to potential buyers.

We also employ advanced technology such as QR codes, which have become a common and convenient way to access information. By including a QR code on our sign, anyone passing by the property can quickly scan it and access all the information they need about the property, including photos, videos, floor plans and contact information to easily schedule a viewing. This not only makes it more convenient for potential buyers but also gives our team the opportunity to follow up and schedule viewings with interested parties.

Step 5 – Brochure and Marketing Material Created

A high quality home brochure can have a positive impact on the sale of a property by influencing potential buyers and making a lasting impression. A well-designed brochure highlights the best features of a home and presents them in an attractive and easy-to-understand format. High-quality images, detailed floor plans, and a thoughtful layout can help buyers envision themselves living in the space and can make the property stand out among competitors. Additionally, a brochure can provide valuable information about the neighborhood, schools, and nearby amenities, which can further influence a buyer’s decision.  By giving the buyer prospect a beautiful tangible item to take with them, the goal would be that they would keep it in a visible location in their home, triggering them to think about it and return to view the property again or make the decision to write an offer on the property.

Step 6 – Direct Mail Campaign 

A direct mail campaign targeting the immediate neighbors of a property can be an effective way to create exposure to a wide range of potential buyers. By sending a postcard or brochure to all of the residents in the surrounding area, you can reach not only homeowners who may be interested in the neighborhood, but also renters who are currently living in the neighborhood. These renters may be considering purchasing a home in the near future, and by providing them with information about your property, you can generate interest among a group of people who may not have otherwise known your home was on the market.

Additionally, sending a direct mail campaign to the immediate neighbors can also attract the attention of friends and family members of the neighbors who may be interested in purchasing a home in the same area. Neighbors who have recently moved into the neighborhood are likely to know people who are considering a move to the same area, and by providing them with information about your property, you can generate interest among a group of potential buyers who may not have otherwise known your home was on the market. Overall, a direct mail campaign targeting immediate neighbors can be an effective way to generate more interest and exposure to potential buyers, and increase the chances of a successful sale.

Our direct mail campaigns also include invitations to view our cinematic listing videos.

Step 7 – Video Production – 

Cinematic video can be an effective tool to attract buyers to purchase a home by providing a visually compelling and engaging representation of the property. By using high-quality videography, creative storytelling and professional editing, cinematic videos can showcase the property’s best features and convey the lifestyle and emotions associated with living in the home. They can take potential buyers on a virtual tour of the property, providing them with an immersive experience and allowing them to envision themselves living in the space. Additionally, cinematic videos can be used to highlight the neighborhood, community, and local amenities, providing buyers with a sense of what life would be like living in that area. This can be an especially useful tool for out-of-town buyers or for luxury homes where a more polished, professional representation is needed. Overall, cinematic video can be an effective tool to help sell a home by providing a memorable and emotional experience that helps buyers see themselves in the property, making them more likely to make an offer.

Step 8 – MLS Press Release and Syndication 

Like any good marketing agency launching a new high quality product, we know that timing is very important.  Given the analytics of buyer search traffic being the highest on Thursdays and Fridays we target the MLS release of our clients’ properties for Wednesday or Thursday.

By doing this, your “just listed” property will receive the most buyer traffic as we release it to more than 500 national websites and over 300 international websites. Once we launch your listing on the MLS, you will be able to find it on the most visited websites like,,,,,,,, and more. This will allow for a wider reach and maximum visibility of your property to potential luxury home buyers.

Step 9 – Targeted Social Media Ads

We use targeted social media advertising by building look alike audiences from identifying who the people are that have most recently purchased homes that are similar to yours.

We also identify who we think the target audience will be: vacation home buyer, move up buyer, growing family, empty nester, investor buyer, etc., to be able to direct our advertising and calls to action to attract the right type of audience.

We run “shorts” or short clips of your property cinematic video & beautiful photos to create buyer interest which leads them to the full listing page for the property.

Step 10 – Local Media Ads  

We target ads to people in your zip code who are watching videos on YouTube.  We do targeted Google ads both for neighborhood landing pages and banner ads.  We are also going to be on American Dream Media’s all new, “Selling San Diego, TV show which will air on Bravo.

Step 11 – Broker Caravan & Private Showings Begin 

Hosting a broker open house is a great way to showcase a property to a large group of agents and brokers in a specific area. This event provides an opportunity for real estate professionals to view the property and gain a detailed understanding of its features and attributes. This can be particularly beneficial for properties that are unique or have special selling points, as the agents and brokers can use this information to better market the property to their own clients and increase the chances of a successful sale.

By hosting a broker open house, the property will have more visibility among the real estate community and the agents and brokers in attendance can share the information they learned to their clients and also help to create buzz around the property. This can generate more interest and potential buyers, leading to multiple offers and potentially a higher sale price.

Private guided showings provide a more personalized and focused experience for potential buyers when viewing a home. Unlike traditional open houses where anyone can walk in, a private showing is scheduled in advance and is typically attended by the interested buyer and their agent.  This format allows for a more intimate viewing of the property, and allows the buyer to ask specific questions and get a sense of the property’s layout and flow. The buyer can also discuss any concerns or questions directly with the agent rather than feeling rushed or in a group setting. Additionally, during a private showing, the buyers can take their time to explore the property and envision themselves living in the space, which can help them to make a more informed decision.

Another benefit of a private showing is that it can provide a more secure viewing experience as it only allows pre-qualified and scheduled visitors and it can help to avoid uninvited visitors such as curious neighbors or the general public.  By allowing potential buyers the opportunity to view the property in a more focused and personalized way, private guided showings can increase the chances of a successful sale by providing buyers with a better understanding of the property and helping them to make a more informed decision.

Step 12 – Open House

Depending on the home and home owner.  We are committed to doing weekly open houses until the home is sold, if it makes sense for the property and seller.  All tours to be accompanied by agent.

Step 13 – Seller Communication 

We provide the seller with bi-weekly updates that include showing feedback, market updates and trends for your specific area.  We also provide suggestions for the best strategies to sell the home that may include changes to home appearance or price, based on consumer feedback.

Step 14- Offer Presentation and Negotiation

When offers are received, we go over terms and assist in the negotiation process.  Having collectively negotiated over 2000 successful contracts, we have the knowledge and experience to get you the best terms possible.  We have good relationships with all of the top producing agents and are able to extract valuable information that many agents cannot access.  This info is monumental in negotiating with buyers.  Chad has been designated as a Certified Negotiation Expert and has attended former FBI negotiator Chris Voss’s training program.

Because much of the success of the sale weighs on what is done to prepare before the home goes to market, we also have an extensive pre-listing plan.

Pre Listing Launch Steps 

Professional Consultation – Consultation with stager and interior designer to work with items in the home, bring in new staging items, suggest paint colors and flooring choices for home if needing updates prior to going on the market.

Upgrades and Updates – Complete any upgrades to prepare the home for sale. Painting and flooring updates if needed are the easiest and most cost effective way to upgrade your home.  Adding colorful landscaping and getting all major tree and hedge trimming completed can add valuable curb appeal to your property.

Professional Cleaning – Professional Cleaning and window washing. Homes should always look their best when going on the market. Window washing, while often overlooked, is a valuable way  to improve the appearance of your home.

Termite inspection – most buyers will ask the seller for a termite clearance. We want to have the termite inspection completed prior to going on the market and negotiating offers. At times, we will want any repairs completed prior to listing.

Title report review – we have the title company provide us with a title report to make sure we have a clear title and are able to clean up any title issues prior to entering into escrow with a buyer.

Seller to complete disclosures – seller will work with our listing team to complete seller disclosures.  This ensures that we are able to deliver these to the buyer in a timely manner and avoid any delays once we are in escrow.

HOA or PUD – If property is in an HOA or planned unit development- we will gather all HOA or PUD information including current monthly fees, any special assessments, parking and storage information, pet restrictions, minimum rental length, etc. A copy of the rules and regulations are most helpful.


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